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Launching Digital Computer Arts

I’ll have to say how darn excited I have been during the past 30 days. I have for a while been really nervous about how http://digitalcomputerarts.com was precieved.

It all started with David’s automatic update from Google Analytics. I was entirely caught off guard every morning when I walked in and could see that I had 0 visitors. What a felling that was. Zero, Zipp, Nadda, Nute….

I had to launch the 22 stories that were finished and the 22 other stories I had been working on for almost a year. It was time. Even if the content was outdated it was time.

I built the DACA site over a week, 3 good days over the weekend and then tweaking it Monday through Friday. Proofreading it Saturday and Sunday and then wholoa! Launched it on Product Hunt that monday.

Sadly it didn’t get featured. Which, having launched 8 products (only 2 of them mine) I have never been able to get a product featured on that app without asking to be featured. Same with this case. I asked Niv on Twitter –“wtf, I started digital computer arts, featured all the best designers and creators and wha-bam y’all suck and didn’t feature it!” I said (not really). The biggest thanks goes to Designership – whom has supported this effort and all of us designers for a while. Bless these guys:

digital computer arts

After the initial launch the twitter horns blasted. Halli, Drew Wilson, Morgan Knutson, Chris Coyier, Dave DeSandro reached out and said beautiful things about their stories. It was then I collapsed in my chair and work and started crying. I was so happy.


launching daca

launching daca2

The stories that come from this series are entirely about them. Highlighting things that are most important to them and the topics and projects that matter. Yeah its about building an audience, but really the core of this project is all about talking to them and getting the goods from the inner wells of their brain.


More to come I am sure, but for now, “take it away Rockie”.


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