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A lot don’t know this but I really like to make 3D landscapes, and dream of making a game – anyone interested?

I have a masters in architecture and graduated with honor, aia best young designer, yada yada. What I was totally obsessed with was the darn computer. “Get off that box and come to dinnner.” Yepp one of those kids. My dad hated the fact I “computered” so much. The core of it was that I loved drawing. My computer was another form of this. Drawing in 3d was so cool cause I could render something so real. So I did; and I did all of the time. Young at heart, mind in the clouds.

My favorite thing about twitter are these hyper-focused trends that come up in the form of hashtags. Visual Women was the best on yet. If you haven’t viewed this trend your missing out.

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Tayler M. O'Dea
Digital 3D Artist, Web Designer and Writer. Currently a Partner for Studio Minted