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Basics in Freelancing

Working from home as a freelancer online is one of the best ways to make money if you are a college student or have a second part time job. Similarly, other young people who are unemployed but who have internet access can make a great living doing freelance online using the skills you already have or skills that can improve on the internet to have a work from home. It can even become your number on source of income if you stick with it and do it well. In 2016, it was estimated that 6% of the workforce has tried to freelance or is working on making freelancing their number one source of income.


Freelance online based on carrying out tasks that other people couldn’t do because they do not have the time, inclination or skill to perform it themselves. If you have free time and access to Internet at home or elsewhere, you can use your skills to make money as a freelance online.


Typically, someone will post a job or project on a website, such as, or for a project to complete and other designers, developers, writers or graphic artists will bid on the work. You will then have a set agreed upon deadline to develop the work from home. During the bidding process it is vital to be authentic and read through all of the details of the projects before bidding. Also introduce yourself.

Often, proposals are “sealed” so that only the lessee can’t see the full details of all proposals. This is in order to prevent providers who seek to undermine the offers that other freelancers have already been placed. The author of the task then can choose from all proposals received who performed the work, usually giving it the cheapest provider or freelancer that they feel is best qualified for the task. This has been an ongoing problem for the freelance community. Underbidding work can sadly undermine the quality of the work and make it difficult for new freelancers to come into the market. The trick to preventing this is focusing on selling yourself. Be clear and concerned. Ask questions that are relevant and provide authentic responses to each particular project. Bids that start off like, “I can do your project cheap and quick”, sadly won’t be the answer that project authors are looking for. Start the bid with, “Wow, (project name) sounds like the perfect project that I can help with. Task 1, Task 2, and Task 3 are tasks that I completed last week”.


There are all sorts of tasks that can assist in starting your career in freelancing. So, you should be able to find at least a couple of things you could do as a freelancer working from home. Project categories that you could bid on include:

  • Article writing
  • Graphic design
  • Programming
  • Drafting
  • Transcript
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Research online
  • Translation
  • Data entry
  • Work spreadsheet
  • Virtual personal assistant
  • Data analysis


Basically, the list is endless. If you have a skill that are in demand, then there is a good chance that someone out there publishing tasks is looking for someone like you. Finding trends too is a great way to stay ahead of the game. Topics like, “I will teach you to master Pokemon Go!” will attract many, and is a fun way to get your name out there AND make money.


New Yorker – Produce Content with a Strategy


As soon as the task is completed and both parties agree to the final project, the job is marked as completed and the buyer will pay the agreed amount for the freelancer. Before that however, you can set a deposit to be paid before the project starts. In many cases the deposit can be set anyway from 20% -70% of the project based on the freelancer’s will or reputation.

Some freelancer’s websites or particular tasks involve a system of ‘trust’ which aims to guarantee in advance that both parties are happy with the way the work is completed. Usually, the buyer pays the money to the freelance website and this website will keep the funds in escrow until the job is marked as complete. Once the money is released both can usually review eachother’s parties. In the case of any dispute, the freelance website arbitrate the funds before the money is paid either to the supplier or will reimburse the buyer.

However, other tasks can be performed on an hourly basis where ‘clock’ would be provided to monitor the time to be spent on the project, and invoices are produced depending on the number of hours to be spent on the project. This works well if project authors need many small tasks.


During your weeks freelancing it is important to know the software that your freelancing on. Many companies have a set amount that you can make before depositing it into your bank accounts, in which you will have to accumulate many completed projects before it reaches a minimum level of payment, say $50 dollars, at which point the freelance website will send the money to your bank account or send a check or pay through PayPal, etc. Some of the sites also produce independent credit card style cards be sent to you and later can be “loaded” with independent income.

Depending on your style many that start out in freelancing will come to enjoy the freedom that comes with it. It is important that as you progress, you create your own website or landing page and that you define a specialization. Let us know your freelancing skills. Comment below and link back to your website.

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