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Where to Find other Designer’s to co-found your next Agency

Having an idea is one thing. Understanding the in’s and out’s to execute is another. In the course of the following six tips for finding a co-founder that meets your expectations there is a core subject matter that takes the cake – Finding the same go getter attitude. Well it is easier said than done.

In every startup there are two people that usually come into the lime light – the one that had the original idea (the visionary) and the one that created it (who made it work).


The creator is generally an architect, engineer, software designer, ect. and the visionary may be a non technical dreamer. So how do you find the two to be in line in the cosmic dust? We take you through 6 key scenarios to find your perfect dreamer or find the creator you needed to make your company come true. We saw that finding a co-founder may be as hard as finding your next girlfriend.

1) Common places to eat – yes it is true. I know four founding companies have found their co-founders at Starbucks, Subway, and grocery shopping. Why? Well co-founders that have a core biological trait, eating, under their belt may have other similarities. Where they eat is also a good fore-shadower. Something fast, like Wendy’s or is it late dinning at your neighborhood stake house? Either way, ease dropping on conversations may be the only time it is deemed “okay”.

2) Talk to your Waiter, Retailer or Physical Trainer. Founders come in all shapes and sizes. Asking about what they do other than their part time job may come as a surprise and invoke interest between the two parties. Finding someone that can bustle around in the service industry is a valuable trait in the business world.

3) Barns and Nobles. Finding your key co-founder working on something in the corner of your local bookstore is something of common. Now, there is a difference between stalking a developer at work in the coffee shop and stirring up a conversation about the book they just purchased. Like any other situation, one need a bit of “suave” looking to provoke common interest between you and your future team mate.

4) Corporate and Individual Meet Up events. There is nothing like going to an event that you find interesting and finding that talented sole standing right next to you. Spark up a conversation easily by asking why they are here (with a tone of humor). Chances are, is that they are here for a similar reason you are.

5) School. Second largest yet. Finding that goof-ball that walked in with Google glass is the common scenario of them all. The cool thing about school is that talents are separated by majors. Need a business develop, head over the business school. Take electives that you know nothing about to find that special person that is essential to the team. Electives and intramural sports are vital to the success of finding your special founder.

6) Coworkers. The best way to find your co-founder is to work with him or her in the past. Finding a coworker that has more energy than you do. Find one that conducts business with an ethical approach. Find a coworker that care and is willing to learn new technologies along the way.

In every change of schedule that you make or do something out of the ordinary, you will be more inclined to find new people. Some that are willing to take on the same dream as you. Create more and more changes in your life and go to events that you may not have last year. Chances are, your next co-founder will be there waiting.

Design Entrepreneurship featured Filed under

Tayler M. O'Dea
Digital 3D Artist, Web Designer and Writer. Currently a Partner for Studio Minted