I will keep it short: My name is Tayler, and rarely am I this serious in my copy and prose.

I come from an interesting background, construction (heavy-civil) and have been on different industry-focused marketing teams for different construction companies out in Denver for most of my life. I had this unique passion for design and technology and started coding when I was 14 building websites for my father’s construction company and other subcontractors out west here. “Playing”, with Adobe products on print ads, large proposals and web sites has been my life since. I continued these duties as a “designer”, working for one agency (on and off for 8 years), which has been an awarding experience. Clients that I have worked with and along-side have continued to be within the industrial markets such as Fortune 500 Global companies, Kiewit and Parsons and my deliverables ranged from print ads, proposals (one for the 1.7 Billion Google Fiber Project) and web sites for PR campaigns.

What is the next step for Tay O’Dea? I want to advance my creative skills, learn, and work with a similar design-focused team. You will find that I have deep rooted passion for design and for new technologies. I find myself both excellent at client facing circumstances and technical ones. I also love to get my hands dirty. If I would have to specialize myself in one thing it would be web and I believe that the next digital frontier is in Motion and Interaction. Web, banner ads, ect. is coming alive and we can all feel it. This means I highly focus on mastering visual code editors such as Webflow (desktop, ads) and Framer (best for mobile projects) and can help teach others.

My most up-to-date portfolio is here: http://borderbabe2412.dribbble.com Additionally, you can see other work that I have built:








Tayler M. O'Dea
Digital 3D Artist, Web Designer and Writer. Currently a Partner for Studio Minted